Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It was fun. I have so many pictures to put on here. I have to group them all together. Bringing my cousin was the best thing that I could have done. I highly recommend it to anyone. We went fishing, and as you can see I caught the big Mahi Mahi, and Michael caught the tuna. He had a Marlin on the line, but it got away. We took the kids on a Pirate Adventure. If any of you go to Cancun with little ones, that is one thing that you should do with them. We had pirates fighting. The kids got to go on a treasure hunt, and we had dinner on a Pirate ship. They loved it.

The kids wanted to hang out by the pool all day. I got soooo mad. We had this beautiful beach, with beautiful water just feet from the pool, and at the begining of the week, they wanted nothing to do with the beach. I forced them to hang out at the beach, and by the end of the week they did not want to leave. Cancun was fun, but we will never go there again. For next year we will be going to the Dominican Republic. We will see how that goes. I will put up more photos as I get them organized. P.S. the picture of the kids sleeping, that was on our way back to the dock on the pirate ship.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So I am sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blog. Things here have been crazy. I did not forget about you guys, I just did not feel like saying much. We leave for Cancun on May 5th. We are taking the kids + a babysitter. It should be fun. Michael wanted to bring the kids, and I did not, so that is why we are bringing the bbysitter. A GREAT compromise. We are going to go deep sea fishing with the kids. That should be an adventure. We are going to an all-inclusive resort, it should be nice and relaxing. I will have some great pictures when we get back. I am going back to work. I start when we return from Mexico. I am excited. I havent worked for about 4 years, and I would really like to go back. We will see how it works out with the kids. As long as they are at home, they really do not care who is with them. Maybe in a few months you will hear from me that I am not working anymore. I hope that all is well with you guys. I am still trying to get the heck out of here. But, I think that we will be here for a while. Michael is not wanting to move. I will talk to you guys later.

Hair cut

So Madalynn finally got her hair cut!!! It was so long. It was past the middle of her back. She kept getting food, and dirt all in it. We finally convinced her to chop it off. She loves it. I think that she is pretty cute as well. I cant belive that she will be 6 this summer. What the HECK!!!

Brinie Brin

Hello everyone. This is our latest incident. We were at Barnes and Nobel for about 45 sec., and she triped and hit her cheek on the corner of a woden bench in the kids area. There was blood every where, and it instantly bruised. I had Zane with me as well. I have never seen so much blood before. She was screaming bloody murder in the store, and not one person from B&N came to help me. Two customers followed me to the bathroom to help me stop the beeding. I was so irritated with B&N. I did not clean up any of the mess, I figured they can do it. She did not get stiches, although I think that she could have used one or two. She has a good "shiner" , and hopefully a scar that wont be too bad.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cowgirl up!!

There is not much that I can say to this. I hope that you guys are getting the picture of how Brinlie is. One minute she is a princess, the next she is a cowgirl. The dress-up picture and this picture where just minutes from each other.

So here is a story........ Zane was a cowboy for Halloween, and I did not have time to go get him his boots (the ones that Brinlie is wearing) I call Michael to stop at Walmart or somewhere to get him a cheap pair of boots. Oh-no! Michael goes to boot barn, and spends $80 on those boots! Of couse, Michael had to get him some boots too (they were not cheap!). That is just ONE of many stories about Michael.

Dress up time

This is Dress up time. Brinlie is wearing a Mullett wig that is on sideways, and Madalynn is wearing a dress up that she made on her own. What can I say!

Zane is getting ready for either summer, or he wants to be Scuba Steve. Lets hope it is summer!!!